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My two passions are food and design. I love to take care of my friends and family in a beautiful place to entertain. So, why not have a place where they come together? The Nest and Egg is a place I can express these passions.

At a young age I learned to be passionate about food and the sheer delight it conveys to people coming together.

 I learned a lot in the kitchen while watching my Italian grandmother and mother cook. I would assist in any way I could, from setting the table to simply stirring the food in the pot. In my childhood, I observed and took in everything I could; they hardly ever used recipes and always cooked from scratch.

In the summers, I  spent time with my other Grandmother doing the same thing and picked up a high sense of tastes that were outside of my culture. She introduced me to fine ingredients, spices and the world of genres of food.

Both sides would perfect things and do everything with quality in mind. From this, I learned to value the finer things in life. My family taught me one immense thing: you have to put heart and passion into everything you do. It brought boundless pleasure and a sense of comfort when we would sit around the table with each other and relish the fruits of our labor. As our family has gotten smaller, our love for food has grown and there is always a discussion around what will be for dinner before we have even finished our lunch.

As I grew older and started cooking and experimenting on my own, I attempted new things. I entertain my friends and family to express the passion I have for food but the best part is how it brings us all together.

When I turned 26, I moved to phoenix and became a concierge at a boutique hotel. It was there that I really got to experience and appreciate fine restaurants to the smallest of dives. It was like traveling the world but staying in one place. I would eat out several times a week and read everything I could about food, great chefs and experiences. The places that stand out in my mind are the ones who keep it consistent, use the finest ingredients, educate their staff, they full-heatedly believe with passion about what they are serving and delight with presentation.

My life has taken me on a journey of twists and turns and with each life experience learning something new. My goal at The Nest and Egg is to entertain the senses and bring family and friends together at the heart of the table.

-Nicole Danis

Cook, Event Planner, Interior Designer, Curator, Concierge and Pet Lover. 

About The Nest &Egg

-Cassandra Lavell, Interior designer

“Throw in good food, wine, and conversationand a dinner party at home is pretty much my idea of bliss.”

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